All products are warrantied directly through and by the actual product manufacturer(s). Robaina Direct LLC does not directly provide nor is responsible for the warranty work and or claim. If the product is covered by a manufacturer’s warranty the term for coverage is 90 days from the original date of shipment from the manufacturer.

Warranty Returns (for service with pre approval only)

Note that warranty claims must first be approved in writing (via email) by Robaina Direct LLC for the initial inspection. The cost of shipping is not included as a part of the warranty coverage and is the customer’s responsibility to cover such costs. The customer is also responsible for return shipping costs. Upon request the customer may ask for expedited shipping. Note that expedited shipping is at an additional cost for which the customer would be charged.

Warranty Description (for service with pre approval only)

The warranty only covers the “manufacturer defects” in the materials used to construct and or assemble the products. The warranty does not cover the cost of labor and or cost of inspection services nor shipping. Customers may be held responsible for the cost of labor and inspection in some situations, especially if found that the warranty claim is not approved (not a result of manufacturer’s defective materials). Customer must have credit card on file with Robaina Direct LLC prior to warranty claim review and or inspection.



      • Shipping damage
      • Normal wear and tear
      • Misuse of product
      • Product being used for other purposes
      • Alteration to the product
      • Electrical power surge
        • Plugging the unit into the wrong power source
        • Customer not having adequate “plug-in” power at the outlets
      • Lost or missing items
      • All other situations and or examples not related to manufacturers defective materials used
Note that the customer must send video taken of how the product is not functioning via email as a part of the initial review for warranty claim inspection approval. Mobile phone video is sufficient in most cases. Please make sure that there is enough lighting and that the background is silent so we can hear the audio clearly.


Warranty "ship to" Instructions:

Depending on the product and type of product the customer will be instructed once the warranty request for inspection related to the potential claim has been approved to ship to a specific address. The products must be shipped properly packed in a suitable cardboard box, with packing materials to protect the items, along with full value insurance. Note that if you are shipping as instructed to an address in a country other than yours you must send it duties paid and fully insured. If you do not ship the item to the proper address as instructed we can not guarantee the safety and timely arrival of your product. In addition if you ship to the wrong address you will be automatically charged for the cost of shipping the product to the correct address. Note that once you ship the product to us you agree to the terms, conditions and policies described herein.

Additional Notes & Reminders:

The customer must have a credit card on file for billing purposes prior to approval of a warranty claim. This initially is for covering the cost of shipping. The customer, by sending the product in for warranty claim evaluation and or repair process, agrees to the cost of shipping both to and from. If there are costs of replacement parts and or labor service fees, the customer will be provided an estimate either in writing or verbally prior to any changing of parts and labor being charged to their credit card on file. Once the charges have been processed and the funds have cleared the unit will be shipped out to the customer in working order.

Note that not all products have a warranty. Only a select few are covered by the “manufacturer’s warranty policy.” Please inquire which of the products carry a manufacturer’s warranty if you are unsure.

No Returns / No Refunds Policy:

As a reminder all products are considered as special order and are not eligible for returns and or refunds.

Warranty Exchange:

If your item is under warranty and eligible for an exchange there may be a difference in cost. You the customer by requesting the “exchange option (if made available)” agree to all additional shipping costs, duties and or taxes related to the cost difference of the replacement item. This requires you to ship back the original unit(s) in advance. For some reason if an exception has been made and we have sent a unit to you in advance and you do not return the warranty claim unit within 5 business days of the exchange unit’s arrival, you will be billed for the second unit at the full MSPR price. No returns and No refunds.

Loaner unit (if applicable):

In most cases we do not provide loaner / demo units while your unit is being inspected and or repaired. If this option is made available to you as an exception, you will be responsible for the cost of shipping both ways (billed to your card on file). If your service and or warranty unit is returned to you and you have not returned the “loaner unit / demo unit” within 5 business days (properly packaged & fully insured) to the ship to address provided by Robaina Direct LLC (tracking number required) you will be billed at the full retail value of the product plus the cost of shipping.

Robaina Direct LLC reserves the right to make changes to its policy, terms, conditions and procedures at any time with or without advanced notice.