Vendor Acceptance of Terms & Conditions

Update: Effective Jan 1, 2017 All Vendors and Suppliers doing business with Robaina Direct LLC must agree to all of the following basic terms and conditions. All Vendors and or Suppliers continuing to do business with Robaina Direct LLC, by default, agree to all terms and conditions and understand that all of Robaina Direct LLC's policies, terms and conditions supersede any and all of their own. Filling Robaina Direct LLC orders and accepting purchase orders and payments from Robaina Direct LLC is automatically a legally binding acceptance of our terms and conditions to do business.

Purchase Orders From Robaina Direct To Supplier or Vendor:

Once you've processed our purchase order, please send a confirmation via email (to All of our purchase orders are payable in 90 days unless otherwise specified by Robaina Direct. Vendors accepting our purchase order agree to these terms and conditions. Robaina Direct LLC only pays within 90 day terms and acceptance of our purchase orders and shipping products to Robaina Direct LLC is legal confirmation and acceptance of our payment terms and conditions without exception.

Invoices To Robaina Direct LLC from Supplier or Vendor:

Robaina Direct also only accepts invoices from suppliers and vendors for items Robaina Direct LLC has placed via purchase order as long as the invoices are received by Robaina Direct LLC within 30 days of actual delivery / service dates. Any invoices not received within that time frame are not accepted and will not be processed by Robaina Direct LLC as payable. Invoices received after 30 days of receipt of goods and or services provided or shipped to Robaina Direct will be considered as no charge sample items, marketing materials, market study resources all as no charge (free of charge) items. All invoices must show our specifically assigned PO# and line item descriptions / pricing at the price listed on Robaina Direct's purchase order or for a lower price taking into account applicable volume or special pricing discounts. All other invoices are not accepted by Robaina Direct LLC under any circumstance. All vendors doing business with Robaina Direct LLC accept these terms and conditions through the acceptance of our purchase orders and processing our orders. Invoices for fees and commissions are not accepted under any circumstance. Robaina Direct does not purchase fees or commissions, we purchase equipment. Any and all related fees must be included in product(s) prices at the time of price quoted and in all published price lists provided to Robaina Direct LLC. Any other fees are at the expense of the Vendor and or Supplier as a cost of doing business on their side.

Warranty For Product Supplied to Robaina Direct LLC

All products supplied to Robaina Direct LLC must carry a minimum 90 day warranty and a 1 year minimum for electronically powered products. Vendors and or Suppliers by default will honor this with all of its products based on the date the product has been sold by Robaina Direct LLC to its end customer and not based on the day the product has been received as it may have some shelf time. Vendor and Supplier, by doing business and supplying Robaina Direct with products, will cover the cost of shipping, parts and labor for end user warranty claims processed by Robaina Direct LLC. Robaina Direct LLC will back charge the Vendor and or Supplier for the product(s) with a credit taken against any current or future orders of products from that same Vendor and or Supplier.

Product Liability

All Vendors and Suppliers providing products to Robaina Direct LLC agree by confirming to do business with Robaina Direct LLC by accepting purchase orders and shipping products that they will maintain full product liability coverage for their products in any and all area in which Robaina Direct LLC may sell them. Also by supplying Robaina Direct LLC with products, Vendors and Suppliers agree to hold Robaina Direct LLC harmless and defend Robaina Direct LLC at their (Vendor and Supplier's) expense and cover any and all claims that arise from the direct or indirect use of the "product(s)" sold to Robaina Direct. All Vendors and Suppliers assume full liability and bare all costs related to claims associated directly or indirectly to their products without exception.