Reseller Program

General Description

Robaina Direct offers a number of options for qualifying established resellers and those that are just launching their business. We offer not only products but also business direction and product / sales consulting advice coupled with specific training information that helps enhance our reselling partners business.

Reseller Program Levels

For most of our product range we offer a competitive entry point that allows committed authorized resellers access to a number of products.

Our top level program is based on dollar volumes and frequency of orders. Here in this group, our resellers maximize their benefits of discounts as stocking distributors.

Reseller Policies

Our program requires that all resellers review the terms, conditions and commitment to the guidelines for the suggest of our existing program with the addition of each new program member. Our goal is to expand opportunity, create accessibility and select only the best of those companies that apply. We reserve the right to approve and or decline applicants for our reseller program.


To join our reseller program, please email your inquiries to